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Rebar Estimating Services

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Rebar Estimating Services

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide accurate and comprehensive Rebar Estimating Services that set us apart from our competitors. Our extensive experience in working with a diverse range of clients and construction projects allows us to efficiently deliver results that meet our clients’ needs. We understand the importance of precise and efficient estimating in the construction industry, and we are committed to delivering timely and cost-effective services that help our clients save time and money.

Our Portfolio

With Our Rebar Estimating Services, Our Clients Can Confidently Plan And Execute Their Construction Projects With Confidence And Accuracy.

Rebar and Structural Steel Detailing Services

Bidding Estimate is a one-stop shop for a comprehensive range of rebar and structural steel detailing services, including 3D rebar detailing services. Our offerings include shop drawings, detailing, estimation, and fabrication drawings that cater to the needs of structural engineers, rebar fabricators, and steel erectors for reinforced concrete structures.

Our team of experienced rebar detailers utilize 3D modelling tools to automate repetitive rebar and structural steel detailing and documentation tasks for various construction projects. We have successfully executed numerous civil engineering projects, providing construction quality information that facilitates accurate reporting and efficient material handling.

Rebar & Structural Steel Estimating Services

Our team of rebar estimators is experienced in delivering comprehensive estimates for various types of projects, including bridges, residential and commercial buildings, industrial buildings, culverts, retaining walls, and more. 

To ensure accurate cost analysis and feasibility, we utilize 3D model technology for steel estimating, which provides a clear understanding of the scope of work.

With our capability and software expertise, we can handle projects of any type and complexity. We have a proven track record of delivering highly accurate estimates for rebar, covering materials, accessories, and erection costs. You can rely on us to provide you with the most precise and reliable rebar estimates for your construction project.

Our Rebar Estimating Service Is Fast, Accurate, And Reliable. Contact Us Today For A Quote And Take The First Step Towards Stress-Free Rebar Estimating.

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Fastest Turnaround 24-48 Hours

Why Bidding Estimate

Our Estimation Process

We have a thorough process for estimating the cost of Rebar systems. We carefully study each drawing plan and use our team’s expertise to get the most accurate estimation possible. At Bidding Estimate, We use advanced software to measure quantities quickly and easily. This helps us simplify complex plans and generate spreadsheets that break down costs into specific categories. Our team of professionals is experienced and uses cost databases to create a personalized plan that meets our customers’ needs and expectations. We strive to provide precise, high-quality estimates for every project we work on.

How to Request an Estimate?

Submit Your Drawing Plans

Share your plans and specifications with us by clicking the submit button and you’ll receive a speedy quote in just five minutes. We support a number of file types, including.PDF, .TIF, .TIFF, .DXF, .DWF, .DWG, .PLN, .JPG, JPEG, .CPC, .OSX, .DJVU, and .CAL.

Get a Quote

We will give you a quote that details the delivery date, turnaround time, and invoice. Upon approval of the quote our dedicated estimators will begin working on your project immediately.

Receive Estimate

We will provide you estimate in EXCEL sheets which will contain material and labor pricing along with man-hours, either in MasterFormat or a customized format of your choice.

Our Service Area's

We provide Rebar Estimating Services to clients throughout the United States, particularly in New York, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, Chicago, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado & Utah.

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