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Lumber Takeoff Services

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Lumber Takeoff Services

When planning a new lumber project, it’s essential to have accurate measurements for the lumber needed. That’s where our Lumber Takeoff services come in! Our team of experts will analyze your blueprints and generate a precise list of materials, ensuring you have everything required to complete your project without any unexpected delays or surprise costs. With our Takeoff services, you can rest easy knowing that all the calculations have been done correctly, saving you time and money. Trust us to provide you with the accuracy and efficiency you need for your next project.

Boasting years of construction experience along with expertise across all CSI divisions – Residential, Commercial, Industrial, retail and civil projects – Lumber Takeoff by Bidding Estimate delivers comprehensive estimates that are both precise and efficient. Our approach combines the insights gained from our experience with cutting-edge software, offering clients a model that saves both time and money. We provide a full range of wood and plastic composite estimating services, including lumber takeoff.

Our Clients

What Is Included in Our Lumber Takeoff ?

At Bidding Estimate, we understand the importance of accurate lumber planning and budgeting. That’s why we provide a comprehensive lumber takeoff service, which includes a detailed material list, blueprint and framing analysis, waste analysis, quantity calculation, and Cost Estimation. With our services, contractors, architects, and engineers can be confident that they are ordering the right amount of materials, minimizing waste, and saving costs for their construction projects.

We offer comprehensive wood-plastic composite or lumber estimating services across the following trades:

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Our Range of Lumber Estimating

Our woodwork takeoff services provide framers, rough carpentry, trim and millwork contractors with the support they need during busy periods. By leveraging our experienced estimators to quantify lumber and framing materials for countertops, we can help reduce costs while streamlining workloads. Each estimate is carefully compared on a line-item basis by proofreaders who guarantee accuracy in every detail of your order


At Bidding Estimate, we customize our deliverables to meet the specific requirements of our clients. However, our standard deliverables typically include the following:

Outsource Your Lumber Project To Our Expert Team

Our comprehensive estimating service is designed to maximize your success, from detailed material takeoffs and line-item descriptions that ensure accuracy in bidding to fast turnaround times with estimates delivered within 24 – 48 hours. You can rely on us for cost-effective, high quality estimates as well as exceptional value for money! Plus you’ll enjoy the added benefit of a dedicated expert lumber estimator for all woodwork bids plus an impressive bid-hit ratio up of 92%. As if that’s not enough – we provide round the clock customer support via live chat and email so help is always at hand.

In addition, we maintain connections with local vendors and have access to an extensive database of location-based pricing, updated frequently throughout the year. We also provide easy-to-follow marked-up plans for your convenience.

By providing detailed and accurate quantification of these components, we ensure that our clients have a comprehensive understanding of the costs associated with their projects, enabling them to make informed decisions and maximize their profitability.

Our Lumber Estimator

Our team of construction cost estimators is backed by a seasoned lumber expert with years of experience in woodwork and timber. We strive to provide the most dependable service possible, adhering closely to regulations from certified organizations such as (AACE). By paying special attention to each detail on your plans and takeoffs – sills, structural beams, fascia etc.- our specialists can accurately assess any project involving wooden or composite materials for unmatched reliability.

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Fastest Turnaround 24-48 Hours

Our Estimation Process

Our experienced estimators are armed with detailed knowledge of construction techniques, wall assembly, lumber quality and reinforcement to help identify structural issues. Careful analysis is conducted at the start of every project from reviewing client plans and specifications that govern work scope; to using advanced software for correct measurement & quantities export on Excel spreadsheets. This guarantees accuracy throughout the entire estimation process.

Our takeoff encompasses, but is not limited to, the breakdown of the following quantities:

  • Floor And Roof Decking
  • Joists, Rafters, And Trusses
  • Insulation Gaps And Sheathings
  • Corner Studs, And Ladder Studs
  • Rough Carpentry And Timber Accessories
  • Various Types And Sizes Of Wooden Posts
  • Window/Door Casings, Including Headers, Beams, Cripples, And Trimmers
  • Structural Lumber Components, Such As Framing Panels, Sill Plates, Wall Studs, 

We generate a precise lumber cut list to maximize wood utilization and minimize waste through careful length cutting. This approach aids framers in efficiently using each timber piece.

We understand that no two projects are the same, so our cost estimates take this into account. From reliable material lists to be forwarded to your suppliers or access to a construction database with up-to-date pricing tailored for each location, we can provide you with options suited specifically for your needs and preferences. Labor rates will also reflect any union or non-union terms as well as prevailing wages providing an end product perfectly attuned to your requirements!

Our precise lumber takeoff services have earned the trust of numerous lumber yards, millwork, and framing contractors. We encourage you to give us a chance and experience our expertise first-hand

How to Request an Estimate?

Submit Your Drawing Plans

Share your plans and specifications with us by clicking the submit button and you’ll receive a speedy quote in just five minutes! Our team is eager to analyze your project needs so we can provide you with the best possible outcomes. Don’t wait any longer, let’s get started today!

Get a Quote

Once we’ve reviewed your plans, we’ll send you a quotation including our price & turnaround time. Upon approval of the quote our dedicated estimators will begin working on your project immediately.

Receive Estimate

You will be provided with a comprehensive estimate that includes pricing for both materials and labor quantities. Our estimate and takeoff sheet will be delivered to you in an Excel format.

Our Service Area's

We provide Lumber Takeoff and Estimating Services to clients throughout the United States, particularly in New York, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, Chicago, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado & Utah.

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